Harbor Equipment
Dockside Bollard - BT Type
Product Code : AE-1007

- MBL of Bollard = 3 x Pull Load.
- Proof Load = 1.5 x Pull Load.
- Can be supplied in cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron and cast steel to International Standards.
- The location of holes for fastening shall conform so accurately with the dimensions shown as to insure interchangeability of bollards without structural alterations.
- Supplied with a hole in the top to facilitate filling with grout and would be recommend this practice.
- Use of break off bolts has been introduced for Bollard anchorage and whilst increasing the cost of anchorage system, more advantages when usage.
- Operating at angles from horizontal to 30° above, and are if 180° with 3 safety factor.
- Installation drawing available as request.
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