Anchor and Mooring Chain
BBI-Delta Anchor
BBI-Delta Anchor - H.H.P.

- Advance design to reach the absolute highest capacity.
- Faster penetration, shorter drag distance and enlarged fluke for higher holding capacity.
- 4 Stabilizes keep the Anchor orientated in the soil.
- Padeyes are placed for easier retrieval the Anchor.
- Adjustable fluke / shank angle :
28° - for very hard bottom soils like rock.
35° - for most of soil condition, mud and sand.
50° - for very soft clay.
- Weight from 500 kgs to 32500 kgs.

Usage :
- An extremely versatile Anchor for permanent or semi-permanent mooring system and various soil condition.
- For CALM and SLAM type SPM Systems:
Floating Production Vessels, Storage Vessels, Drilling Rigs, Works Over Vessels, Pipelaying Vessels, Crane Vessels, FPSO's and FSO's.
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